Race Rules

We hope for close-to-normal conditions on race day 2021, as related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Current race information reflects a normal year.  Details may change as race day approaches, and any changes will be communicated to registered runners well in advance.  For reference, here are the 2020 COVID Safety Protocols.

Race rules are designed to provide a safe and fair experience for everyone involved and to help ensure our ability to produce the race again next year. Major rule infractions by racers will result in immediate disqualification of the racer.

Course Cut Off

  • The marathon course cut off is 9 hours at 4pm.
  • Course cut offs will be enforced at the Blue Sky and Indian Summer aid stations to ensure that we can clear the course of runners on time:
    Blue Sky Aid station at mile 9.2 by 10:00am (3 Hours)
    Indian Summer South aid station outbound at mile 15.6 by 12:30pm (5.5 Hours) Indian Summer South aid station inbound at mile 20.3 by 1:45pm (6.75 Hours).
    *These cut offs should not be used as pacing goals for an official finish. This is the maximum amount of time we can allow runners to be on course. Runners who are close to the intermediate cut offs may not be able to make the next or final race cut off on time.

Bib Numbers and Check in

  • Bib number must be worn in the front for ease of volunteers to track runners.
  • At each aid station/checkpoint, volunteers will record all runner’s numbers. Runners are responsible for making sure that aid station volunteers record their number at each aid station check point. Please make sure that your bib number is visible and call out and confirm your number when passing through an aid station.
    • If your number is missed, you may not be given an official finish, or worse, we may assume that you are lost on the course. Race numbers must be worn on the front of the body, unmodified, unfolded, and visible at all times during the race. It may not be worn on the head or hat. As a safety precaution, it is recommended to write your emergency contact, any important medical information, and allergies on the back of your bib number.

Dropping Out

  • If you need to drop out of the race for any reason, you must check out with the nearest aid station or course volunteer. If you do not inform us that you have dropped, we will assume that you are lost on the course.


  • There will be no water cups at the aid stations. Bottles can be filled at aid stations. Please do not stash bottles along the course.  All runners should carry a 20 oz minimum water bottle that can then be refilled at aid stations. Slower runners should plan on carrying two water bottles or a hydration pack.

No Trekking Poles


  • Littering is prohibited and will result in an immediate disqualification. Any litter left on the course may jeopardize our ability to continue to host events on public trail systems. Carry garbage to aid stations and dispose of trash in proper garbage containers or hand garbage to a volunteer. We recommend that you carry an extra baggie to stash small wrappers and gel tabs that can easily be dropped by accident. We would prefer the consumption of any gels or food at the aid stations to ensure the proper disposal of wrappers.

Stay on the Trail

  • No bushwhacking or short cutting. Do not leave the trail when passing other runners. In case we have wet trail conditions, please run through any muddy sections to avoid widening the trail and causing further erosion. (This is a trail race, leave the clean road shoes at home!)

Yield to Pedestrians and Horses

  • The trail system will be open to the public during the race. Pedestrians and Horses always have the right of way. Please be courteous and respect other people on the trail system.
  • Mountain bikers must yield to runners but for your own safety, please watch for blind corners and be careful when passing bikers and allow bikers space to pass.

No Pacing

  • Runners are not allowed to have pacers on the course.


  • Runners are not allowed to receive assistance from crew on the course. Runners may receive crew support only from the Blue Sky Start/Finish area. Crew must no interfere with the aid station volunteers. Crew may be asked to leave the area or move at the discretion of the aid station captain. Runners receiving extra assistance anywhere else on the course outside of designated aid stations from anyone other than designated race volunteers will be disqualified.

Drop Bags

  • We will not transport drop bags to or from any aid station on the course. Volunteers will not be responsible for returning any items left behind at aid stations. Runners may leave a drop bag at the Blue Sky Start/Finish area but we will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items. (See valuables below.)

No Dogs on Course

  • Dogs are welcome on leash with family and friends at the start/finish area, but we ask that you not run with your dog on trail during the race.


  • Portable toilets will be available at the Blue Sky Start/Finish and at the Indian Summer South aid station. Please use these facilities rather than nature call areas.


  • Please do not leave any valuables at the start/finish or aid stations. Volunteers are not responsible for returning items left behind at aid stations. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.